12 weeks pregnant

How 12 Weeks Baby Look Like?

Week twelve is the last week in your first trimester, and a cause for celebration for many women. The end of the first trimester and the beginning of the second often signals the end of many unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, marks a decrease in the risk of complications, and is an exciting time for fetal development. How

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51 Perfectly Pink Nursery Ideas With Images

Preparing for your baby’s arrival is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. When your nesting instincts kick in you go on a mission to make your little ones space perfect. From curtains to rugs to wall art, there are so many options to consider. If you have decided on a pink nursery for

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13 weeks pregnant

What Is The Size of My Baby at 13 Weeks Pregnant?

For most women, the first trimester can feel like utter hell, but the thirteenth week of pregnancy usually signals a break in the clouds—by the end of it, you will officially be in your second trimester, a time when the more unpleasant side effects of pregnancy begin to subside and your life becomes a little

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How to Make Your Child’s Birthday Party Special

Every child loves to celebrate their birthday. Who wouldn’t? It’s a day all about them! No matter the venue, the theme, the gifts, or the attendees, your child will have a ball being washed in love on their own special day. But at a certain point you, as the parent, can sometimes get a little

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