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Wood has been used for thousands of years to craft toys for children. When the craftspeople round all edges and keep parts small enough for tiny hands to grasp, they’re an ideal choice for a baby’s first toys.

Wooden baby toys are important for a baby’s development. They give the baby something to practice using their hands with, and this is how children begin to develop manual dexterity.

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Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

This is a time-tested classic toy that will give your child hours of fun as they solve the simple puzzle by matching the shaped blocks with the proper holes to use to insert them into the box.

Twelve different brightly-colored shapes are a comfortable size for small hands. They will learn to recognize shapes and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment as they’re rewarded with a homey sound as the block clatters into the natural-finish box. The slide-off top makes it easy for them to get the blocks back out as often as they like.

Melissa & Doug Giraffe Wooden Grasping Toy

This giraffe consists of 9 painted wooden shapes that can be spun or rotated by small hands into any pose that they like.

This will keep your infant amused for hours as they practice using their hands on these gently rounded shapes.

Mamimami Home Wooden Teething Ring and Rattle Combination

Made of untreated maple, this flat bird shape has a hole in the center for a loop of wooden beads to run through.

When baby shakes it, it will rattle gently, and it is a fine texture if your baby prefers a firmer texture to gnaw on. There are macrame covers crafted from organic cotton on some of the beads for easy gripping and variety in texture and color.

Melissa & Doug Puppy Wooden Grasping Toy

This brightly painted puppy is made of 8 wooden pieces of various shapes that are held together by sturdy elastic cords. Your baby can rotate, spin and swivel them as they develop manual dexterity with a toy that’s certain to become a favorite.

A good choice when you want to bring a toy for your baby to play with quietly.

Melissa & Doug Crab Wooden Grasping Toy

This bright red crab has 6 legs attached to the body with elastic cords so that your child can spin and pose them, or push it down and watch it spring back up.

The rounded edges and non-toxic colors may be just the thing that the child wants for teething. This is a great choice for a bring-along toy for the child to play with quietly in the car or at church.

Mary & Kate Woodie Buddies Turtle Shaped Wooden Rattle

A flat, easy to grasp turtle shape with a large wooden bead in the middle. The bead slides easily back and forth on a wooden dowel to make a mellow rattling noise when your child shakes it. Made of natural beechwood from Europe and colored to please the eye.

This is a good thickness for baby to teethe with, but it is made of wood, so check it regularly for any signs of cracking.

Olives and Pickles Organic Wooden Teething Ring with Plush Bunny Ears Handle

This is a 3″ maple teething ring with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton bunny ears for the baby to grasp it by.

The ears make a crinkling noise when they’re squeezed to engage another sense for the child’s enjoyment.

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Young babies develop by exploring the world around them, and toys that draw their interest and give them something to do encourages them to do this.

For toys that are firm to grasp, have a pleasant texture to hold or gnaw on for teething, and make a pleasant noise to entertain young children, wooden baby toys are an excellent choice.

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wooden baby toys
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