What Size Is a Crib Blanket?

Baby blankets are available in many different sizes and varieties. It can be a headache deciding on what size of the blanket to buy since there is no right or perfect size. In the first one or two months, the  blanket shuld be large enough to wrap your growing baby.

The suggested size of the crib blanket measures 36-45”x 45-60”

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I’ve written a complete hands-on review of the best wearable blankets, where I outlined the safety issues regarding blankets used under 12 months of  age.

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Age of the Baby

It is an essential factor in choosing the size of the blanket to use. Some babies are petite while others are big.

  • Preterm babies are quite small in size. Their sizes are not more than 18 inches long. The quilt size should be 40″x42″ 
  • Average newborn babies are approximately 20 inches. A quilt size of 36”x54” would be appropriate.
  • By the sixth month, the baby is around 27 inches long.The blanket should measure approximately 42”x 56”.
  • At nine months, they are 30 inches long large blanket of 45”x60” will give you a more full backing.

Size of the Baby’s crib

The size of the baby’s crib should be the primary consideration when deciding the size of the baby’s blanket.

  • An average baby’s crib measures approximately 36” by 52”. The size of the blanket should be about 36”x54”.
  • A small structure should be around 15”x30”. The quilt size should be roughly 40×42 inches
  • A Large crib size should be approximately 28”x52”. A blanket size of 45”x60”will be suitable.

Therefore the blanket size should not be so large that it overflows the crib and neither should it be so small that the baby is not well covered. It should be ideal so that it can be nicely tucked. The baby’s crib should be attractive. As you sew or crochet, first measure the crib and its dimensions.

The Size of the Mattress

It is important so that you can be able to tuck in the blanket nicely as the baby sleeps.

  • Generally, baby’s cushions are usually 27” x 52’. You can make a baby’s quilt of around 36” by 54” that will be big enough to extend beyond the mattress. You can also make it large enough so that it overhangs more.
  • A large quilt of 45” x 60” is big enough to last for many years to come.

Size of the Baby

Baby’s size should come into mind when deciding on the size of the blanket. A preterm baby is not the same size as a 9-month-old baby. You should not use a massive blanket on a tiny baby as it can result in suffocation.

An ideal baby’s blanket should be at least twice the size of the baby. Some babies are also large and weigh a lot, and thus the best coverage to use would be a bigger size. So that they are covered comfortably.

Babies grow very fast and will outgrow most of their clothes including the blanket. You might spend a lot of fabric in sewing a baby’s blanket, only for your little bundle of joy to outgrow the coverage in a few months leaving you quite disappointed.

A good blanket is the one big enough that will be used for many years to come when the baby is big.

You can even use it during your outdoor activities for example picnics.

A good blanket should be the one that would wrap the baby entirely and provide the same kind of relaxation he had while in the womb. The baby should feel comfortable and enjoy the wrapping.

Because babies grow fast, it should be big enough so that you don’t have to keep on going back to the shop to buy a new one.

Type of Design

The size of the baby’s blanket will depend on the pattern you choose.

The best pattern is one that should allow for better aeration and easy to stretch. The type of design is mostly a consideration when you are knitting the blankets yourself or crocheting. Bulky decorations tend to make the coverage appear significant. The knitting designs should be calmer and not exaggerated.

A lighter Blanket

The baby’s blanket size should be broad but not so bulky so that you can be able to fold it up neatly and fit it in your bag when you are travelling.

Remember a baby doesn’t need to be indoors all the time, you might need to visit a friend, a visit to the doctor, a tour around and maybe to the church on Sundays. A well wrapped up baby will be happy during the outdoor activities.

When going to shop for a baby’s blanket, these are the average sizes you should consider. So that your baby can be wrapped gently and comfortably.

Type of Material Used

Baby’s blankets are made from different materials;

Cotton is most preferred since it’s gentle to the baby’s skin. The type of fabric will determine the size of the baby’s blanket. There are some baby blankets made of bamboo is the best to use as it is eco-friendly. Organic cotton is also a choice for many and friendly to the surroundings.

You should avoid blankets that stick to the skin. These types can cause the baby to develop some allergies or rashes. Babies are susceptible to touch and can be quite irritable if they are uncomfortable. A hypo allergic fabric is ideal in this case.

Synthetic fabric made from polythene is not ideal and may cause the baby not to breathe well. They can also lead to rashes. The blankets used should be cool during the hot season and warm during winter or bad weather.

Avoid rough materials while sewing the baby blanket. Babies skins are sensitive and can easily get bruised. Rough sheets tend to big and bulky. However babies’ blankets that are soft tend to be lighter, and their sizes are appropriate, can easily be folded and kept in a baby’s bag.


Do not throw away the blankets since you can also use them in your home decorations, for example, wrapping around your furniture. The right size will last for generations to come. A bound baby is a happy, cheerful baby.

Whether it is for your baby or you are buying to gift someone or knitting or crocheting, it’s essential to have the above considerations in mind.

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