UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller Review – Here’s What I Found Out

UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller… worth it? Or over-priced hype? Here’s what I found out.

Recently, I have been seeing the UPPAbaby G-Luxe stroller a lot to a point of making me wonder what makes this stroller a favorite among moms.

In a nutshell, the G-Luxe is a light weight umbrella style baby stroller. It is a recent addition to the wide range of strollers by UPPAbaby. Let us have a look at its features together.

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What is UPPAbaby G-Luxe?

The G-Luxe is a 15 pounds baby stroller created by UPPAbaby, one of the baby stroller main players. This stroller is made robust with an aluminum frame, a reclining seat, four dual wheels, adjustable canopy, foot brakes and an under-seat storage bin.

To match the quality of other strollers from UPPAbaby, this stroller comes with a horde of features, making it flexible and adaptable.

5 Reasons to Love It

  • Lightweight making it easy to transport on car of plane
  • One-hand three-position reclining seat
  • Extendable canopy
  • Designed with automatic locks
  • Single action foot-operated brakes
  • -> Read all 5­star reviews here.

3 Reasons to Hate It

Should You Buy It?

The G-Luxe is an everyday urban stroller. It is sturdy, stylish and long lasting thanks to its aluminum construction. Again, it presents a great price-performance ratio. Overall, it is a great stroller.

Who is the G-Luxe Designed For?

G-Luxe is for mums on-the-go. It is a good choice for parents who:

  • Have a toddler
  • Need a stroller that maneuvers easily
  • Often move from car to public transport to malls
  • Are using a pram currently, but need to upgrade when the baby learns to sit
  • Need a stroller for a walking baby
  • Travel a lot

Key Features and Benefits of the G-Luxe

If you are like me, you are wondering how the G-Luxe can help solve your stroller problem. Below are the key features that set this stroller apart.

Does the UPPAbaby G Luxe recline?

The seat of this stroller fits babies from three months. The seat is designed with soft material to ensure your baby stays comfortable. However, I feel like the padding is so soft to support a 3-month baby thanks to their delicate head and spine.

The seat is designed with three reclining positions where the baby can sleep in a fully reclined position, lean and relax or sit up and enjoy the surroundings. The upright position, however, does not allow the baby to sit straight as it inclines a bit.

You can recline the seat with a single hand. There is a single button at the back of the seat. This is the button you need to push to get the seat to recline.

An adjustable footrest has been fitted to enhance the comfort of your baby even further. This makes riding on the G-Luxe comfy and safe.

One great thing that users love about this seat is the fact that all fabrics and seat pad can be removed and machine washed.

You can still use the stroller even after you have removed the seat pad to wash; this is a great feature especially when something spills on the pad and you are on the road.

Setting the pad up is easy as it is attached with Velcro straps.

Five-Point Harness

The seat features a five point harness, keeping your baby restrained while on the stroller. This harness has nice and smooth straps with each being independently adjustable.

These straps help accommodate the fast growth of your baby. Again, you will need the straps to expand more during cold winters than during a hot season thanks to the thick clothes your baby will be wearing.

The harness buckle is centrally located, making it easy to access with one hand, yet challenging to open with small baby fingers. Even with all the great features, I did not like the fact that this seat misses a bumper bar.

Extendable Canopy

Your little rider will be safe from the scorching sun thanks to an extendable sunshade. Even better, the canopy is fitted with SPF 50+, letting your baby enjoy the sun while staying safe from the harmful UV rays.

To fold the canopy, you only need to pull it. The tall canopy makes the stroller ideal for tall children. Even better, you can remove the canopy altogether.

My only regret is that the canopy does not have a peek-a-boo window and has less ventilation.

Foam Covered Handlebars

The G-Luxe is offered with two handlebars each covered with foam for added comfort.

Though the handlebars are not adjustable, they are created for mums of different heights at 42.5 inches high. With two handlebars, it comes easy to push the stroller.

Though the handlebars feel sturdy, you should not hang anything on them as the stroller is light and it may tip over.

Dual Wheels

The G-Luxe is designed with 5.75-inch dual wheels. These wheels are comparatively small, making the stroller not ideal for off-road strolling and definitely not for running.

On uneven grounds, the stroller is not easy to push, but it works awesome for even urban strolling. The wheels give this unit great maneuverability, allowing you to easily turn in tight corners.

Though the wheels are not all-terrain, they are sturdy and easy to transfer from different means of transport.

The G-Luxe has four wheel suspension which lets it glide smoothly on flat surfaces. With this suspension, the wheels are able to absorb shock, keeping your baby comfortable.

Single Action Brakes

The brakes of this unit are located on the right. The brakes are foot operated.

Though single-action brakes are quite unusual for lightweight umbrella style strollers, it works great on this unit. You will only need to apply some force and the wheels will be locked up; one click and the stroller halts.

You can try wiggle the stroller just to be sure that the stroller is correctly set. I have not seen any user complain of the G-Luxe’s brakes.

Underseat Storage

There is an underseat mesh basket that can hold up to 10 pounds. You can use this basket to hold a bag of diapers, food and drinks, wipes and much more.

However, you can only access the bag when the seat is not fully reclined. If you use the fully reclined seat position of your stroller, you might not be able to use the storage bin.

Folding For Storage

The G-Luxe is foldable. Comparatively though, the unit is not as easy to fold.

You will need to push the fold button and then pull the release handles on both sides together. The stroller is designed with an automatic lock that allows it to stand on its own after folding.

When not in use, the unit takes up less space; you can put it in your car boot or at the back seat. Even better, it has a carry strap, which makes it easy to carry even when you are on foot.

However, I do not like the fact that the strap is not padded. Carrying it on your shoulders for a long distance on bare hands is uncomfortable. But, when folded, the stroller rolls. This means if you are tired of carrying it on your shoulder, you can roll it along.


The G-Luxe is offered with a cup holder. This is an accessory that you normally buy separately with many strollers. The cup holder is easily installed on the side of the stroller frame.

There are other accessories you can buy separately for the stroller including:

  • Rain shield
  • Parent organizer for keys, phone, and sunglasses among others
  • Stroller travel bag

What Do Users Say About the G-Luxe Baby Stroller?

G-Luxe has received a rave of reviews from users; both positive and negative. Here are some of the most helpful reviews:

“We bought the G-Luxe to replace the UPPAbaby Vista, which was a good stroller, but comparatively heavy. The G-Luxe is offered with great features offering flexibility. It is light weight, solid and sturdy, allowing me and my hubby to make quick trips. However, the L-shaped handlebars are not adjustable and are too tall for me. Again, I do not like the fact that the unit has no side barriers for my son to lean on.” Ally.

“We used this traoller for our Europe trip and it was just awesome. I have used other strollers before that are way much expensive, but they did not give me the convenience that this unit gave me. However, I would have loved it if the upright position was a little less reclines, my daughter struggles to sit up.” Vick.

“The UPPAbaby Deluxe is a near-perfect baby stroller. Our two-and-a-half year-old is tall and the stroller gives him enough room to grow. This umbrella stroller folds and unfolds with ease, but I would prefer if it had a belly bar to hook toys and for more security.” Derek.

“This UPPAbaby stroller is not as good as it should be. Having used other UPPAbaby strollers, we thought this is a better version thanks to its price and its design, but it has failed us in some aspects especially the rain shield and the noisy wheels. Overall, we still like the stroller.” Betty.


UPPAbaby G-Lite

The G-Lite and the G-Luxe are nearly similar, but different models from UPPAbaby. They both accommodate one baby, have an under-seat storage bin, accommodates babies up to 55 pounds, have extendable sunshade and stands alone when folded.

However, the G-Lite holds babies from 6 months of age and is comparatively lighter as its name suggest. G-Lite misses a cup holder and its seat does not recline. Check out this model on Amazon

UPPAbaby G-Link

G-Link was created for babies from birth up to 55 pounds. Unlike the G-Lite and the G-Luxe, this unit holds two babies. It is 24.5 pounds heavy with four seat recline positions. All other features mirror the G-Luxe.

UPPAbaby Vista

The Vista is more popular than other models from UPPAbaby. You can use it for babies from birth to when they attain 50 pounds. It can hold up to three babies and has extendable options including car seat and rumble seat extensions.

The unit is 27.5 pounds heavy and its under-seat basket can hold up to 30 pounds. It has 6 recline positions, a bassinet, reversible seat, adapters for infant car seat and an adjustable handlebar.

This is a premium stroller. Check it out on Amazon

UPPA baby Cruz

The Cruz is designed for babies from birth until they are 50 pounds. It holds two babies, weighs 21.5 pounds and can hold up to 25 pounds in its under-seat basket.

The unit has 5 recline position and can accommodate a separately bought bassinet. Its seats are reversible and it has adjustable handlebars. More here

FAQs and Additional Tips

The G-Luxe is offered in 5 different colors each having a different price.

You can buy this unit for between $250 and $285, depending on the color you choose; coffee black strollers are the most expensive with light green being least expensive. Check current price on Amazon

You can shop online at UPPAbaby or from popular merchant such as Amazon and Walmart. Prices do not vary from one online seller to the next.

You will have the stroller delivered to you in a maximum of five days, depending on your location and time of order. The package comes as a large grey package with the unit folded.

Does the stroller have spare parts?

Yes, UPPAbaby has spare parts for all their strollers.

Does the product come with a warranty?

UPPAbaby offers you a three-year warranty on all strollers.

Final Verdict

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe has its pros and cons, just like any other stroller. Comparatively, the stroller is cheap and ideal for mums looking for budget units.

Though missing on features such as adjustable handlebar, reversible seat, bassinet and bumper bar, I still recommend the stroller. It is a great choice because of its flexibility, its price, its ease of use, cleaning and folding and most importantly its light weight.

The G-Luxe gives you value for money. You can compare it with other UPPAbaby models above.

-> Check price and read reviews of the UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller here.


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5 thoughts on “UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller Review – Here’s What I Found Out”

  1. Hi, this seems like the perfect stroller for me. I’m heavy so pushing is not a issue for me. Lol. The brakes make it easy to stop and it has got good space for my baby. I’m going to Europe for vacation and I needed a stroller.

  2. Hi, is there any other site which can offer this stroller at cheaper rates? I’m in NY and did not find any website which has same stroller design. Malls are not my thing anymore. I really want to buy UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller. Please let me know. Thanks in advance!

  3. I take out my baby out many times a day as he likes it. After getting the household work done and in afternoon we just explore our neighborhood and the park. This stroller has made a great between me and my son possible. Thanks so much for recommending it to me. The previous one I bought is still there in garage but we rarely use it.

  4. It’s the best product I’ve come across all these years. The wheels are tough and last for years. It has brakes and it can stand on its own. Just one thing: they could have added parent handle height adjustments as I’m tall but my wife is short and this one fits me but not too well for her. Besides it we just love this stroller.

  5. Last time I bought a stroller was for my son Mile and it was heavy. I had a lot of problems pushing the stroller. This one was the one I’ve been hoping for for a long long time. It’s lightweight (at least I can push lol) and you can use it in quick tours as well. Sun and rain protection is perfect as well.

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