Tips to Get or Make Three Amigos Costume

A three amigos costume is a fun and festive way for you to get dressed up for Halloween with two of your closest family members or friends.

Finding the three amigos suits shouldn’t be too difficult and you can even get creative a do it yourself without spending too much.

Three Amigos

In a rush? Amazon has some AWESOME Three Amigos costumes here

The three amigos outfit consists of a black suit with silver or white trim, a white ruffled collar shirt, a black belt with silver or white trim, a red sash, a red bow tie, and finally a large black and white or silver trimmed sombrero.

The great thing about the 3 amigos costume is that anyone can join this group themed costume. Anyone can pull this costume off like your three kids, mommy, daddy, and baby, or youeself and your two best friends.

So have fun with it and be creative with this fun choice of Halloween costume.

Too Busy to DIY? Get Three Amigos Costume Online

Take all the work out of running around or making this type of costume on your own by ordering the three amigos deluxe costume on amazon or other online retailers.

Online stores make it so simple to get all the items needed for this costume in one place

Mariachi Charro Toddler Kids Mexican Halloween Costume T-Shirt –

Beautiful, handmade, high-quality Three Amigos inspired apron –

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Mariachi Charro Toddler Kids Mexican Halloween Costume T-Shirt –

Beautiful, handmade, high-quality Three Amigos inspired apron –

Tees geek Mariachi Men’s T-Shirt –

The three amigos costume on amazon includes the sombrero, the shirt, red cummerbund, bow tie, and black suit fully decorated with the silver trim.

Buy the three amigos costume online at amazon if you find that it is just easier and less stressful for you. The costume comes in an adult standard size or a larger size for a big and tall person. Most adults would fit just fine in the standard size.

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Three amigos costume

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Most of us work full time and take care of other obligations, so buying the costume on Amazon could be ideal for anyone if you really want to pull this look together for Halloween.

Amazon features a cheap three amigos costume that is affordable, but doesn’t look low quality. This costume will still get compliments and is very popular this time of year

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Three Amigos Costume DIY

This, in my opinion, would be the fun way of getting your three amigos costume together for Halloween Day.

There are many creative ways to make your own three amigos costume.

One would be using a three amigos costume pattern. A quick google search yielded no results of an actual pattern, but there could be one out there. The truth is there isn’t much to making your own three amigos costume.

There are so many 3 amigos costume diy ideas out there and they are all somewhat similar. The three amigos costume ideas consist of a black top and black pants, a white blouse to go underneath the black jacket, red fabric to make a sash and bow tie, a large black sombrero, and white paint or fabric to trim the black top and pants.

Here are my suggestions on how to make a three amigos costume

For an adult three amigos costume homemade, using any black jacket and black pants will work. The trick to making it look authentic is in the trim.

  1. You can use white lace, an old white lace table cloth, or a white doily that you can spare for the trim on the top and bottom of the costume.
  2. The white shirt underneath can be any white shirt you own or any inexpensive white shirt available.
  3. Next, for the red sash and bow tie just buy a couple of yards of red fabric from anywhere. Search at Amazon for any red fabric you like. Cut this red fabric to size and attach some velcro at the end for the sash.
  4. The bow tie can just be some fabric cut down to size to tie around the neck.
  5. The sombrero can be purchased at any party supply store, craft store, Halloween store, thrift store, or even on Amazon. You can find a plain black sombrero almost anywhere. It is best to buy it plain black, unless you find one with some white trim patterns. If not, then use some white puff paint to design your own patterns on the black sombrero.

Take a look at this 100% home made three amigos Halloween Costume I found on Pinterest for reference.

100% home made halloween three amigos costume


For a child, same steps pretty much, only the items are smaller.

Adorable 3 amigos costume for kids



Some of the three amigos costume ideas researched used black hoodies and black sweat pants for the jacket and bottoms. The just cut off the hood part of the hoodie and sewed a seam in place.

This would be ideal for a child as you don’t want them to get uncomfortable.

Also, using plain black yoga pants that are stretchy and comfortable is a great idea.

Making your own costume allows you to be creative and use whatever you want to use instead of getting a preassembled costume that can be uncomfortable and hot.

There are plenty of resources out there to get ideas from like social media. Pinterest and YouTube are great resources.

Here are some links to some YouTube videos that can give you an idea of how to start and complete this DIY

How To Design The Trim On The Three Amigos Costume Pants

This video is really short, but it is a great example of how to use paint on an ordinary pair of black pants to get them to look like the three amigos pants for your costume

How An Authentic Mexican Sombrero Is Handmade

This one is just an inspirational video on the Mexican sombrero and how they are made. It is truly interesting to see how they are made by hand everyday. The details that are put into each hat is amazing and gorgeous. This video will truly inspire you to design your own.

Those were the few videos found on YouTube that could inspire you when creating you costume.

Three Amigos Halloween Costume

The most creative thing about a three amigos halloween costume is that anyone can join the group and have fun with it.

Either boy or girl can join the fun and truly make it unique. A three amigos costume for baby would be absolutely adorable.

With enough time made to plan, this idea does not have to cost a fortune. Just remember the key elements involved in this costume and it is simple to look around for these items. Try looking at your local thrift stores to see what you might find there.

A three amigos child costume can be made or purchased too.

There many places that sell this exact costume premade in most sizes or with a child costume it may just take a little searching for each individual item.

If you are short on time though, be sure to preorder the costume well before Halloween so that it arrives in time for the big day.

There is even a three amigos girl costume that dresses up the boy version a bit in case you or your girl are a little more girly and would feel more comfortable wearing something a bit more dressy.


However you decide to make or get your three amigos costume for Halloween, we are sure that costume will be a hit at your Halloween get together.

It is a great group costume that you and a couple of people can pull off together. It takes little effort for both methods to get the costume put together.

Amazon has excellent deals on that costume, so all you have to worry about is it coming to your mailbox in time for the big day.

Make sure to order it quickly and with plenty of time, so in case there are issues with the shipping then there is still plenty of time to get it before Halloween day.

Also, if you get this premade costume shipped on time, then if there are many alterations or changes that need to be done you can get them done by Halloween night.

The DIY method is really awesome, but it also takes a ton of planning. Make sure with this method that you get all your supplies together first and with plenty of time to put it together.

Also, take your time with it. There are many details in this costume that with the right time and effort it will make this costume really stand out and come together perfectly. Remember when you make it yourself, it allows you to add personal touches that may not be on a premade costume that you purchase.

If you love the three amigos movie, then consider is option as the one for your group this Halloween. It is super popular and fun. Guaranteed to make a statement at any Halloween party this year.

Hope this inspired you to do it yourself this year or gave you an idea of where to look when purchasing a costume with little to no time in your busy day.

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