What Size Is a Crib Blanket?

Baby blankets are available in many different sizes and varieties. It can be a headache deciding on what size of the blanket to buy since there is no right or perfect size. In the first one or two months, the  blanket shuld be large enough to wrap your growing baby. The suggested size of the crib

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pregnancy brain

Is It Normal To Forget Things During Pregnancy?

“Pregnancy brain”—it’s the term used to describe those instances during pregnancy when your brain seemingly goes on vacation without telling you before it catches its flight. It’s also called “momnesia”. Forgetfulness during pregnancy is a symptom that is incredibly common, and normal but not completely understood. It’s not a debilitating symptom; it’s not temporary dementia. You

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Why is Your Baby Crying in Sleep but Not Awake?

Baby crying in sleep occurs very often in most families, and in most cases it is not harmful at all. The most common reasons for baby crying in sleep are:  Your baby hasn’t learned how to comfort him/herself back to sleep They’re rewarded for their behavior A protest against a change in environment or daily

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Why is My Baby Sweating a Lot?

Baby sweating is a body process like any other. Just like adults sweat after an exercise, babies sweat too. However, excessive sweating in babies may send you in panic. There are many instances that your baby will sweat.

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Tips to Get or Make Three Amigos Costume

A three amigos costume is a fun and festive way for you to get dressed up for Halloween with two of your closest family members or friends. Finding the three amigos suits shouldn’t be too difficult and you can even get creative a do it yourself without spending too much. In a rush? Amazon has

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How Do Newborn Babies Communicate Their Needs?

It is natural for parents to wish that it were easier to communicate with their child, to create an instant understanding of what they are trying to convey to avoid the stress and tears, but newborn communication, both in terms of the baby’s development and the connections made, can take time. Newborns learn to understand

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BabyZeen’s Top 50 Mom Blogs To Follow

Here at BabyZeen, we know you frequently have to get through too many uninformative sites to get to the good ones. As enthusiastic mom blog readers, we’d like to help you with that. Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite mom blogs that we think are worth following. Please Note: The blogs featured here are

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