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How to Decorate a Baby Nursery On a Budget?

Having a baby is an expensive endeavor. If this is your first child, you need everything and it’s probably a bit overwhelming to think about. There are certain areas where it’s not a good idea to skimp – things like the crib and changing table are important to your baby’s safety, so you’ll want to

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is car bottle warmer safe for breast milk

Is Car Bottle Warmer Safe For Breast Milk?

Whether you’re taking a long trip or just running a few errands with your little one, you may have to feed the baby on the road. If you’re breastfeeding, you might want to know if a car bottle warmer is safe for breast milk. The answer is yes, it’s safe to use a portable warmer

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how many strollers do you need

How Many Strollers Do You Need?

Here at BabyZeen we’re often being asked by our readers how many strollers do they really need. Strollers, joggers, pram strollers and travel systems – there’re a lot of types available today but, do you really need all of them? The simple answer is it depends. However in my experience in most cases a good

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How Much Does A Stroller Weigh?

I was looking for a parking spot at a shopping center recently when I saw a woman struggling to shove a folded stroller into her SUV. She actually looked pretty strong, so this scene made me wonder – how much does a stroller weigh? The short answer is that strollers in the US range from

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How Do Newborn Babies Communicate Their Needs?

It is natural for parents to wish that it were easier to communicate with their child, to create an instant understanding of what they are trying to convey to avoid the stress and tears, but newborn communication, both in terms of the baby’s development and the connections made, can take time. Newborns learn to understand

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BabyZeen’s Top 50 Mom Blogs To Follow

Here at BabyZeen, we know you frequently have to get through too many uninformative sites to get to the good ones. As enthusiastic mom blog readers, we’d like to help you with that. Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite mom blogs that we think are worth following. Please Note: The blogs featured here are

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What Exercise Can I Do After Pregnancy?

What exercise can I do after pregnancy? This is a common question from new mothers that want to get into shape after their child is born but there are so many guidelines from medical professionals that doing any exercise at all can sound scary. This guide will look at the types of exercises that new

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