Creative and practical nursery storage ideas and tips. Everything you need to organize your closet using shelves, baskets, a rod for hanging your clothes, a place to put the dirty laundry and a little floor space

Nursery Storage Organization Tips & Ideas, Small Closet Organization Hacks

When you are setting up the nursery so many ideas go through your mind from what the theme will be to how you will organize all their clothes. You can search around for some wonderful ideas on what kind of nursery storage ideas are out there. How you can maximize the space of a closet. Pinterest has so many ideas of what you can do.

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With so many toys, outfits, blankets, and diaper products, where is the best place to store them?You could stash them into a drawer, but that quickly becomes a cluttered mess. But, why not put them in the closet? Storing your nursery items in an organization box can be the perfect way to keep it from looking cluttered in the room.

It is also out of your little one’s way, adding a sense of security for anything you don’t want them to get their hands on. To make things easier, you can buy them in sets. This makes for a matching aesthetic, even inside your closet. But think about it. You don’t want to look at a drab closet. Delta Children Nursery Storage 24 Piece Set

If you want to avoid having to go to the store multiple times, it might be best to invest in a nursery storage set. We found this to be convenient in finding a matching look with boxes, hanging shelves, hangers and closet dividers. Over Closet Rod Hanging Storage Organizer with 6 Divided Shelves, Side Pockets

Hanging dividable shelves are ideal for any moms looking for a convenient storage option. Some of the even come with side pockets for those extra towels and burp cloths. 3 Sprouts Kids Toy Chest – Storage Trunk for Boys and Girls Room

What’s cuter than adding a themed toy chest for your child? The best thing about them is that they easily be slid into the closet for when playtime’s over. Closet Storage Organizer for Kids/Toddler Room

Some organized are loved for their style and convenience, with the ability to be stored inside your closet for easy access. Delta Children 4 Pocket Over The Door Hanging Organizer

Storing your baby’s items in the closet allows for more space in the nursery. With an organizer that hangs on the inside of the closet, you have even more room. Organizing Bins in 2 Sizes – Set of 6

Your playroom has lots of items of various sizes, making it difficult to find a suitable spot. Investing in a set of organizing bins in separate sizes solves this problem. 3 Sprouts Organizer Container Cube Storage Box

Storage bins don’t have to be mundane. In fact, purchasing organizers with a themed design can make your child want to store their toys. Over Door Hanging Storage Organizer – 3 Large Pockets

One idea for adding storage is to have three large pockets on the back of your closet door for any lotions, towels or books. Set of 6 Basket Bins Collapsible Storage Organizer Boxes

Adding bins to your closet is a great way to stay organized, especially if they are able to collapse easily and be stored elsewhere. Over Closet Rod Hanging Storage Organizer with 7 Shelves and 3 Removable Drawers

Being able to store organizers in your closet without taking up too much space is convenient. One that can be placed on a rod with removable drawers and shelves gives you multiple options for storage. Set of 3 Foldable Fabric Basket Bin, Collapsible Storage Cube

Having your own set of foldable fabric bins makes it easier to slide into the closet when its time to nap. Organizer Unit for Child/Kids Bedroom or Nursery – Textured Print – 5 Drawers – Gray/White

Some mothers know the struggle of a bin that will break. Investing in one with a steel frame will give you an adorable, long-lasting option.

With a large number of items, it’s hard to know what to do with them or where to even store them. If you have a smaller nursery, the best choice is for you to make the most of the space in the closet. You may think that this is a headache, but it’s rather simple. All it takes is a little ingenuity.

Achieve this by adding shelves, bins, dividers or an old bookshelf. You can also take matters into your own hands and install additional rods. Regardless of the space within your little one’s room, it is possible to use the storage space within your closet to add more storage. Plenty of moms have had to do it, and they wouldn’t want it any other way.

This is a great way to have a traditional closet with a little added organization. The shelves on the bottom allow you to use the different decorative bins to organize your child’s toys, blankets, etc

Traditional Closet With a Little Added Organization

There are some nursery’s that are not a big space. Storing the toys and other items have to be used wisely. You can easily turn a traditional style closet in to so much more by adding shelves to the bottom of the closet and using the shelf that is already at the top of the closet. The cloth bins you can get that are soft and decorative add a wonderful touch to creating the kind of theme you want for the child’s room or nursery. source
This nursery storage idea has everything you need to organize your closet using shelves, baskets, a rod for hanging your clothes, a place to put the dirty laundry and a little floor space. To have each area labeled for what goes in that spot is also a great idea to help keep everything neat and tidy

Using Shelves, Baskets, a Rod

This closet idea is a great for those that like everything to be extremely organized. This has a lot of great ideas on how to separate everything. It makes it much easier to find and as your child gets a little older it allows them to work learn how to be a little more independent and to learn words. The ability to use the space to also store blankets, pillows and dirty clothes keeps the bedroom from becoming cluttered with items that can easily be tucked away. source. Organize With Style Your Makeup, Yarn Craft, Toys, Wipes And Organizes Everything You Can Imagine Baby Nursery Organizer and Diaper Caddy Organizer, Hanging Changing Table Diaper Stacker Wardrobe Organisers/Hangers – Arrange Clothes by Garment Type or Age Over Closet Rod Hanging Storage Organizer with 6 Shelves Diaper Caddy and Nursery Organizer Multi-Purpose Bamboo Storage Organizer Cube Bin with Removable Grey Liner

If you’re concerned about taking up too much of the nursery’s closet space, then perhaps you want to go about storing your items above the floor. Using an organizer that can be hung over the door of your closet can be convenient and easy to access when you need something for the baby. They also make it difficult for your child to get into something harmful.

And best of all, they come in different sizes, some having more pocket space than others. You can use them to store toys, blankets, lotions, diapers and any other infant item that you can think of. Don’t worry about installation as the majority of them simply hook on to the top of the door. Over The Door Hanging Chevron Storage Organizer with 4 Large Pockets

If you’re looking for a fun pattern to spice up the baby’s closet, then perhaps Chevron will do the trick. With large pockets and sold in sets of 2, this storage organizer is great for any closet door. Tightknit Oxford Fabric 4 Pockets Over The Door Organizer Sturdy Durable Haning Storage

Some over the door hangers can become deformed, making it a nightmare to have to constantly replace them. Finding an organizer that has inserts added as a backing will let them hold up over the years of infancy. Soft Fabric Over The Door Hanging Storage Organizer with 16 Deep Pockets

Most products claim to be great at storing items, yet don’t have enough space. That’s why it’s nice to bring out the big guns and choose an item that has 16 deep pockets. mDesign Soft Fabric Wall Mount/Over Door Hanging Storage Organizer – 3 Large Pockets

What about fitting those bigger towels with smaller baby items? To avoid it all getting lost in one big drawer, find a hanging organizer that can accommodate both in one pocket. Soft Fabric Wall Mount/Over Door Hanging Storage Organizer – 4 Large Pockets

To forego any hassle of installing hooks into the wall, use an over the door hanging storage organizer that can be set in place without any tools. mDesign Soft Fabric Wall Mount/Over Door Hanging Storage Organizer – 3 Large Pockets

For a well-made organizer that can conveniently be hung on the back of the closet, invest in an organizer with thick cardboard inserts that are placed in the sides and the bottom. This will allow the box to retain its shape, even with your baby’s essentials inside.

Using bins to store your child’s stuffed animals is known to give the room a charming touch. Depending on the material, they can add a more rustic tone while others give you that modern touch.

With organizer baskets, you are able to choose the color, shape, size and overall aesthetic to make your baby’s room one of a kind. Use them for toys, blankets, or other infant items. Besides, who doesn’t want something that will teach your kids to put away their toys and laundry? That would be a win for any mother. Small Baby White Organizer Bin for Nursery Laundry Kids

Those mothers who want a more natural look can find a variety of white bins that look like they were made with rope. They are also gentle on your kid’s skin when they decide to topple them over. Parker Baby Nursery Storage Basket – Rope Storage Bin and Organizer

One of our favorite storage baskets is quite large in size, making it easier to store baby blankets. And, it can be collapsed for when you want it out of the way. KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket

Another idea for a storage basket is actually for bath time. Certain organizers can be small and adjusted to fit your tub. Zilpoo 6 Pack – Plastic Storage Organizing Baskets

Although not as cute as a rope basket, plastic storage baskets are great. They be bought in bulk for an affordable price and are much easier to clean. Sea Team Foldable Mini Square New Black and White Theme 100% Natural Linen & Cotton Fabric Storage Bins

Storage baskets are a way to personalize the room and add a splash of character. What better way to do that by adding a black and white theme with a variety of shapes and patterns? Storage Baskets Set of 4 – Woven Basket Cotton Rope Bin

Rope baskets are quite the adorable asset to your little one’s nursery, but are they all that easy to clean? Why yes, some of them can be simply thrown in the washer after someone goes crazy with the crayon.

Pinterest has many nursery storage ideas that can be used in a closed closet space, repurposed items around the house, and closets that are out in the open room.These are just a few things to point you in the direction of how you can decorate your nursery or children’s room. They all seem to be great ways to include the theme of the room and what personality fits you, your family and child.

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This neat nursery storage idea shows a closet separated in to 4 halves with a shelf in the middle

Closet Separated in to 4 Halves

The idea of separating the closet in to four sections is a great idea if you want shirts and pants to hand in difference areas. If you have a little girl is in the perfect way to separated out her clothes in to different needs. For those with twins it allows each child to have their own side and still have a nice organized space. source.
This is a beautiful elegant way to turn a closet in to a nursery storage area without using doors

Nursery Storage Area Without Using Doors

There are some closet doors that don’t hold up well to children. Hanging curtains is a wonderful way to keep the closet closed off but still allows you to gain easy access to the area. This is also a great way to add personal touches to the room using the theme of the nursery. source.
This idea takes your nursery storage and turns an old book shelf into an outside closet

Old Book Shelf Into an Outside Closet

Do you have an old book shelf that you hate to throw away but need it to have another use? What a neat idea to turn it in to a closet by adding rods and storage shelves. This can be done by just using a single rod or using two rods. The shelves would already be in the book shelf to use as a great place to use storage bins. source.
This is a good idea for those that have a small walk in closet with an odd shaped ceiling

Small Walk in Closet With an Odd Shaped Ceiling

There are some closets that allow you to walk in but the ceiling may not allow you to have a traditional hanging rod. The idea of using a built in closet to compensate for those issues is a wonderful way to work around them. This is a great way to allow you to have some type of nursery storage and a closet. source.

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