Creative and Practical Nursery Storage Ideas

When you are setting up the nursery so many ideas go through your mind from what the theme will be to how you will organize all their clothes.

You can search around for some wonderful ideas on what kind of nursery storage ideas are out there. How you can maximize the space of a closet. Pinterest has so many ideas of what you can do.

Here are just a few nursery storage ideas out there.

Closet Separated in to 4 Halves

This neat nursery storage idea shows a closet separated in to 4 halves with a shelf in the middle

The idea of separating the closet in to four sections is a great idea if you want shirts and pants to hand in difference areas. If you have a little girl is in the perfect way to separated out her clothes in to different needs. For those with twins it allows each child to have their own side and still have a nice organized space.


Old Book Shelf Into an Outside Closet

This idea takes your nursery storage and turns an old book shelf into an outside closet

Do you have an old book shelf that you hate to throw away but need it to have another use? What a neat idea to turn it in to a closet by adding rods and storage shelves. This can be done by just using a single rod or using two rods. The shelves would already be in the book shelf to use as a great place to use storage bins.


Nursery Storage Area Without Using Doors

This is a beautiful elegant way to turn a closet in to a nursery storage area without using doors

There are some closet doors that don’t hold up well to children. Hanging curtains is a wonderful way to keep the closet closed off but still allows you to gain easy access to the area. This is also a great way to add personal touches to the room using the theme of the nursery.


Small Walk in Closet With an Odd Shaped Ceiling

This is a good idea for those that have a small walk in closet with an odd shaped ceiling

There are some closets that allow you to walk in but the ceiling may not allow you to have a traditional hanging rod. The idea of using a built in closet to compensate for those issues is a wonderful way to work around them. This is a great way to allow you to have some type of nursery storage and a closet.


Organize the Different Items into Sections

This closet idea is great allowing you a place to store your folded clothes as well as bins to use so you have organize the different items in to sections. There is still plenty of room for you to hang your clothes in different levels

This can be a closet that is good for the older child. It can also be used for a great nursery storage idea. The shelves allow you to fold your child’s clothes and organize them. It is also a great place to store shoes. The bins in the middle of the closet is a great way to separate the closet. They also allow you to organize the different items you want to store inside of them.


Traditional Closet With a Little Added Organization

This is a great way to have a traditional closet with a little added organization. The shelves on the bottom allow you to use the different decorative bins to organize your child’s toys, blankets, etc

There are some nursery’s that are not a big space. Storing the toys and other items have to be used wisely. You can easily turn a traditional style closet in to so much more by adding shelves to the bottom of the closet and using the shelf that is already at the top of the closet. The cloth bins you can get that are soft and decorative add a wonderful touch to creating the kind of theme you want for the child’s room or nursery.


Using Shelves, Baskets, a Rod

This nursery storage idea has everything you need to organize your closet using shelves, baskets, a rod for hanging your clothes, a place to put the dirty laundry and a little floor space. To have each area labeled for what goes in that spot is also a great idea to help keep everything neat and tidy

This closet idea is a great for those that like everything to be extremely organized. This has a lot of great ideas on how to separate everything. It makes it much easier to find and as your child gets a little older it allows them to work learn how to be a little more independent and to learn words. The ability to use the space to also store blankets, pillows and dirty clothes keeps the bedroom from becoming cluttered with items that can easily be tucked away.




Pinterest has many nursery storage ideas that can be used in a closed closet space, repurposed items around the house, and closets that are out in the open room.

These were just a few things to point you in the direction of how you can decorate your nursery or children’s room. They all seem to be great ways to include the theme of the room and what personality fits you, your family and child.

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