Mimos Baby Pillow Review – Here’s What I Found Out

Mimos baby pillow… worth it? Or over-priced hype? Here’s what I found out.

Mimos baby pillow is a polyester sleeping pad for babies. It is a three- dimensional pillow designed by specialists such as physiotherapists and neurosurgeons aimed at reducing pressure on a baby’s head for the purpose of allowing the head to grow normally.

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Key features

  • 400% reduced pressure which makes is suitable for the treatment and prevention of flat head in babies (plagiocephaly)
  • It is 100% breathable, made of 100% certified spacer fabric
  • Has a dry and cooling effect
  • It is anti-static and anti-allergic
  • Certified for contact with babies’ skin


  • Can be used for a baby from the day they are born
  • It is anti-allergic and prevents any harmful organisms from harboring within it
  • It is breathable
  • It stays dry keeping baby comfortable
  • Cleaning is made easy, and it also dries fast

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  • Not certified in all countries
  • Not ideal for toddlers over six months
  • Price is relatively high
  • Not for use in incubators

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Who is Mimos Pillow Recommended For?

Mimos baby pillow is ideal for all children below the age of 6 months for greater efficiency.

It is suited for preventing skull deformities. To prevent plagiocephaly, it is suitable for the first six months. For corrective measures, consult your doctor. It is advisable to use this pillow alongside physiotherapy.

It is suitable for babies with mild brachycephaly as a corrective measure.

It is recommended for all children below six months to prevent flat head. Use Mimos in prams and cots, with baby’s face up to allow the back of the head to stay in the pad’s cavity.

What are The Benefits of Mimos pillow?

  1. It is designed to reduce pressure by 400% which helps in preventing and treating flat head in babies when used between the first day and six months of age. It helps children with tight neck muscles and skull deformities.
  2. It has TUV certification for breathability meaning its 100% breathable. 94% of the pillow is air so no matter what position the baby lies, they can breathe properly.
  3. It is made extra soft by use of 100% 3D spacer fabric. The material ensures your child’s skin is kept safe.
  4. It is anti-static, anti-allergic and does not contain any harmful substances. It is BPA, Phthalate, Latex and lead-free.
  5. Allows for natural head and neck movement
  6. It has been clinically tested for effectiveness; giving you the assurance that you can trust the product because it works
  7. It works when the baby is resting and sleeping. Use it consistently for the best results.
  8. Mimos pillows have Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 certification for children which is a textile safety certification. It is approved and safe for contact with baby’s skin.
  9. It is easy to wash and dries quickly. It can be machine washed and dried.

4 Helpful Tips and Directions to Find the Right Pillow For Your Child

  1. For any child with a head circumference of less than 37cm (premature), use Mimos XS sleeping pad which is ideal for prevention and correction
  2. A child with a head circumference between 36cm and 46cm can use Mimos X, ideal for prevention and correction
  3. For a child with a head circumference between 42cm and 49cm, use Mimos S which is suited for prevention and correction
  4. A child with a head circumference over 49cm should use Mimos L; suited for prevention, correction, and use in car and pram seats

What Customers Say About Mimos Pillow?

Here are some comments from users of this baby pillow:

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“I am currently using Mimos pillow, and I find it great. For some reason, it prevents my daughter from sleeping on her side. She is five months, quite active, so she moves around a lot, and I was worried she might not be safe, but I tried to breathe through it, and it was breathable. I don’t worry about being in the crib with her all the time. It arrived quickly, been using it for one month and I think her head is slightly rounder” – Bessie, Bloomington

“My child had quite a flat head, so we decided to try this to make this better, and that’s why we tried this pillow. It is horrible and a waste of money. The only cure for PT is tummy time and a customized helmet which is molded and carved weekly to re-sculpt the skull. After three months of weekly trips to correct his head. After one year, the doctor was happy with the results. Don’t buy this, save money and invest in a good physical therapist” – Thelma Lancaster

“My son has tight neck muscles and we were referred to a local physiotherapist. After a couple of visits he suggested we use a hat and keep going for physiotherapy. I read that this might be able to help but I’m worried because it doesn’t seem to be available here and the only source of information is online which seems to have mixed review. If my doctor recommended it, I think I would try it out but until then, I’m not sure I would try this product on my son.” – Randy Chase

“My daughter’s head is a bit cone shaped. We hoped that this would get better, but it only got worse. We put her on her back; tummy time didn’t help at all! From the photos I saw online, she has brachycephaly, and after doing some research, I thought to get a helmet when she was four months. Insurance didn’t cover the helmet, and it cost over $3000, and it needed to be work for 20 hours or more. I considered this option, but I also wanted to see what other solutions were there. I found this pillow online, and most of the reviewers said they could see a change after two months so thought to give it a try. I tried this sleeping pad, and the effect was evident! I’m happy to see it works; the pillow is worth the money. You have to be consistent with it though and use it all the time. It does work!” – Betty Milburn

“It helped my baby from getting a flat head. At about four months he started getting a flat head at the back, so I decided to buy this pillow to see if it would help. I got an XXL size, and it worked! It fits him perfectly since his head is quite big for his age and I’m not worried when he rolls on his tummy because he can breathe. It’s a bit pricey but worth it for my son!” – Dolores

“I recommend this product for every parent. My son had a neck problem making it hard to turn his neck, and he had a spot on his skull. We got a recommendation from a doctor for him to try a helmet and it cost so much that we started looking around for other options. I did some looking and found this pillow. I got it, put my face on it and tried to breathe, and it worked! So we started using it immediately, and within one month, we noticed it became rounder. Look for the ideal size though, it helps.” – Elise

“We purchased this pillow about our pediatrician said our child’s head is too flat for three months of age. So we went to buy anything that could help to correct this. I read about this pillow online and decided to give it a shot. A month down the line, we haven’t seen any difference. It’s very expensive and yet it’s like any other pillow. It does have a dent in the middle, but we expected to see faster results. It great that it’s breathable, so the baby doesn’t get smothered but does this make it more than ten times the cost of a pillow? It is unfortunate that the policy says you can’t return it if not satisfied but there should be some consideration that not everyone finds the product useful.” – Robin Deniels

FAQ and Additional tips

Where is it made?

It is made in Spain and meets the highest Spanish authority standards.

How much does it cost?

The pillow ranges from $100 – $160. A pillow cover can be purchased separately for about $20.

Where can I get it?

In the USA, Canada, UK and Ireland and internationally you can buy it from authorized online sellers like Amazon

Is any pillow ideal for babies of all ages?

Mimos baby pillow is suitable for children below the age of 6 months for the prevention of flat head and some corrective skull deformities (consult with your doctor and physiotherapist for the best treatment).

Is there a particular weight and height which is required?

The measure we use is your child’s head dimension.

  • Mimos XS – Head circumference of less than 37cm (premature). Ideal for prevention and correction
  • Mimos S – Head circumference between 36cm and 46cm. Ideal for prevention and correction
  • Mimos M – Head circumference between 42cm and 49cm. Suited for prevention and correction
  • Mimos L – Head circumference over 49cm. Best for prevention, correction, and use in car and pram seats

My son has a rather big head (or so I’m told by the doctor), and his head is about 49cm? What would you recommend? How long can he use it?

We would recommend the Large pillow which is ideal for your son’s dimensions. He can use it until he reaches six months.

What material makes up a Mimos pillow?

Mimos pillows are made of 3D spacer fabric – The fabric is soft and flexible. It is easy to wash and dries quickly. It allows for ideal distribution of pressure. It lets air flow freely. This fabric can be recycled and is not poisonous.

Is it safe for a baby?

Mimos pillows are composed of TUV certification which is a textile certification. It is approved for use on baby’s skin and has anti-suffocation certification.

How do I use it?

Use it in cots or prams where the baby is resting or sleeping. Place the baby face up to allow the baby’s head to make the best use of the pillows cavity.

Can I use it with my child? Their head is 47cm.

The Mimos pillow in medium size would work best; suited for prevention and correction

Do I need to position my baby in a certain way?

No, you don’t. The pillow is breathable, however, place the baby face up at all times.

My daughters is a few months old, and her dimensions are 38cm, what would you recommend?

We would recommend the small pillow size for prevention and correction

What makes these pillows different from the rest?

Mimos pillows are specially designed to distribute pressure from the baby’s head. The best time to start using the pad is when a child is young, from the first day till three months. It is hard to alter a baby’s sleeping position after this age, that’s why it is ideal to introduce the pillow early.

Best used during sleep and rest and you won’t have to reposition your baby as they sleep to correct a flat head. Another benefit is that it is 100% breathable, making it safe for children. It is designed to reduce pressure by 400% which helps in preventing and treating flat head in babies when used between the first day and six months of age. It helps children with tight neck muscles and skull deformities.

How long do customers have to wait for delivery?

Depending on the terms of your purchase, this varies. If ordered locally it can take a couple of days while it might take more time for shipping internationally.


  • It can be fully machine washed and dried
  • Do not use any other pillow on the cover other than a Mimos pillow which is also breathable
  • Consistent use is advisable. Use it as much as possible when the baby is resting or sleeping
  • Use the right size based on your child’s head circumference
  • It is not for use for babies in an incubator
  • Has no return or refund policy


Mimos baby pillow is suitable for toddlers below the age of 6months.

I would recommend this product to reduce pressure on the baby’s head and allow the baby’s head to grow into its usual shape.


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6 thoughts on “Mimos Baby Pillow Review – Here’s What I Found Out”

  1. Hey… Thanks for the review. I have been wondering which baby pillow to go for, I think I would consider getting the Mimos brand. The features looks good. Yeah, I’m going to get it. Thanks again for the review.

  2. Sounds great. I’m going to trust your judgement about the Mimos baby pillow and get one for my baby. I really need one that’s durable amid other appealing features.

  3. The benefits are amazing and I’m intrigue by the reviews from those who bought the pillow already. This must be a nice brand. I would definitely buy. Thanks for the update, it’s quite timely for me.

  4. Baby heads are very soft and they can catch allergies fast. I’m very happy to have found this article and these pillows. In all ways they are perfect for my newly born baby. I know that cooling effect in the pillow always refreshes my mood so I’m going to buy the Mimos Baby Pillow. Thanks for this article!

  5. Thank you very much for sharing this article. I purchased 100% Organic Cotton Baby Prevent Flat Head last week and my son loves it. Due to the horse shape, he plays with it during the day time and sleeps on it during night time. I love watching him play with it. Children are truely the creation of god!

  6. I used this pillow on my son from 4 – 6 months or so…he had developed a flat left side of head around 2 – 3 mo. Assymetry. While the pillow helped, it made him want to sleep always in the same position with the right side of his head in the pillow in a certain way. He now has a “perfect” mimos sized bump on right side that has not gone away over time. He is 17 months now. We ended up going helmet route to try and minimize this, with similar story. The helmet helped for awhile, then one eye started to look droopy and we discontinued the helmet early after that. That was how it went for us. His head will never be perfect, and these products helped AND hurt his recovery.

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