6 Essential To-Dos In The First Trimester of Pregnancy


Congratulations! You’re pregnant. Here’s what to do next.

#1 Tell Your Partner

Share the great news. Pick out baby names. Discuss finances, insurance, and decorating the baby’s room. Tell your families.

Your pregnancy allows you time to work on goals you set. Start a list of things you’d like to accomplish before the baby arrives.

Decide who would like to do what and what you’re doing together. Work on the baby’s room with your partner as a project.

Getting ready for a baby is a great time to strengthen your relationship.

After all, this is a big job. Working together during the pregnancy is great practice for parenting skills later on.

#2 Call Your Doctor

Schedule your first prenatal appointment.

At this appointment, you will receive a physical exam. You will also have routine blood and urine tests. Make receiving regular medical care during your pregnancy top priority.

It allows you and the baby access to professional advice, up-to-date screenings, and the comfort of developing a relationship with your doctor.

Establishing prenatal care is essential for your health and your baby’s.

It is your responsibility to help your baby come into this world as healthy and vigorous as possible.

Prenatal care helps prevent complications in pregnancy. It makes sure you receive appropriate testing. It also keeps track of your baby’s development.

#3 Research Insurance

Check out your insurance coverage. Find out what is and isn’t covered during pregnancy.

Some insurance plans dictate where you can have the baby. Your plan also may list doctors for you to choose from. Being aware of all this right from the beginning saves you from undue stress.

At work, it is necessary to speak with the person who takes care of insurance.

Talk about your insurance coverage. Make sure you understand. How and when the baby’s coverage starts on your policy also needs to be taken into consideration. You will also need to plan your leave time.

#4 Take Care of Your Health

Prenatal care usually includes taking a prenatal vitamin and possibly folic acid.

During your first prenatal visit, ask your doctor about medications. You need to know what is safe for you to take.

If you need any vaccines, you should discuss that, too.

Your practitioner will cover any medical basics with you on your visit. If you want any additional screening besides what’s routine, you need to make your wishes known.

#5 Exercise

Mild to moderate exercise is usually encouraged during pregnancy. Prenatal exercise classes are available. Exercise actually helps to keep your energy high. Discuss this with your care provider if you have any questions.

Staying hydrated and eating right are two vitally important things to research and focus on.

This information is provided through your doctor at your prenatal visits.

If you are experiencing problems with morning sickness, ask the doctor what is normal and if you need help. (Sickness usually gets better between 12 weeks and 14 weeks)

#6 Budget for Baby

You will need to plan your finances for when you’re off work after the baby comes.

You can also have a lot of things ready for the baby’s arrival.

Save money by buying some clothing, room decor, the crib and baby care items at yard sales and consignment shops.

One of the fun things about getting ready for your baby is shopping. Make a list of items you need first. Then, fill it in with fun things to buy after the essentials. This will help keep you on track. Buy those cute clothes, but don’t forget the diapers!

Having a baby is a precious moment in your life. Prepare for it. Strengthen the bonds with your other half. Most of all, enjoy yourself and look forward to the future.

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