What is The Best Diaper Bag in 2020?

Keeping all the stuff you have to always carry systematically organized  to be able to find them at the right moment.

Diaper Bag Backpack, Mokaloo Large Baby Bag
best overall
Diaper Bag Backpack, Mokaloo
Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack
premium choice
Bag Nation Diaper Bag
Diaper Bag Backpack, upsimples
great value
Diaper Bag Backpack, upsimples

Any outing with your little ones involves a truckload of stuff to be carried along like diapers, bottles, food, a pack of baby wipes, etc. this list is endless.

With so many varieties of diaper bags in the market, it becomes difficult to find a quality product which you can actually trust. To land upon the best diaper bag can feel like another stressful task.

Here we have designed a guide to help you in make an informed decision on which diaper bag to buy. We’ve also answered a list of recurrent questions asked by many mom’s looking for the right bag which will help you to attain better clarity.

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View Our List of The Top 10 Diaper Bags, Below

1. Diaper Bag Backpack, Mokaloo

best overall
Diaper Bag Backpack, Mokaloo

The Mokaloo Diaper Bag Backpack is an extremely functional diaper bag that will allow you enough space when packing the necessary baby accessories. Most diaper bags are not designed with a lot of pockets, enough space, or barely have them. The Mokaloo Backpack is multi-functional and has 13 pockets inside and outside, allowing you always enough space for your baby’s toys, wipes, and creams.

As a side note, here you can read an article we wrote featuring the best baby bottle brands in 2020.

The advantage of the bag is that you can always carry it as a backpack so that your hands are free, or as a handbag, it is elegant and fit for a lot of occasions.

Main Features

The bag is light, less than 2 pounds, and has a USB port, and power cable, so you can charge your mobile phones. Made of quality material, unlike twill polyester backpacks, it is waterproof and durable, so you do not have to worry about spilled water, wet towels, or similar circumstances. Pockets at the bottom of the exterior of the backpack are easily accessible and easy to open so you can get everything you need at any time.

When we compare the price with the many benefits and the size itself, the price is extremely affordable. It comes in large size with good organized, quality, and practical interior. The outside of the bag has several pockets, and all the zippers are extremely strong. Comparing all of the above to the price, it pays off.

It is ideal for traveling with your children, going out, shopping, and unisex design makes it suitable for many occasions.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews show their enthusiasm for the product. Almost everyone rated the product as extremely good. All the comments mostly point to all the benefits of a backpack. Women like it because it is extremely practical, with great pockets layout. They love the material, which makes their overall situation easier, they say it is difficult to smirch him, and even if that happens, it won’t be conspicuous.

Men also like it because of its universality in appearance and color, which permits wearing to various places.

Why we like it

Things we didn’t like

Our Verdict

Our verdict is that Mokaloo Diaper Bag Backpack is extremely good, of excellent quality, and well designed for every opportunity, which you get at a great price. is extremely good, of excellent quality, and well designed for every opportunity, which you get at a great price.

Editor’s Rating

2. Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Premium Choice
Bag Nation Diaper Bag

When it comes to diaper bags most moms are looking for versatility, quality and a larger than normal capacity. I’m recent years backpacks have become a staple when it comes to diaper bags. Easier to carry around, built with better materials and for most people it just makes more sense. The Bag Nation Diaper Backpack is the ultimate diaper bag with all this and more. With an amazing price come the bag with excellent features such as:

  • 14 pockets so you never run out of departments. A dedicated insulated and a baby wipes pocket.
  • Travel hands free or attach to your stroller.
  • Made with Twill Polyester which is water resistant.
  • Built with quality in mind
  • A large capacity bag; 17 x 14 x 7.5 inches
  • Comes with stroller straps, a changing pad and a Sundry Bag.

When it comes to Bag Nation, this bag is great for anyone that requires a bag for every need possible. It comes in 2 great colours both unisex. Although it’s a ”diaper bag” per say, students, travellers or workers would all appreciate this bag. Everyone needs a good quality, water-resistant bag that has the capacity to carry many things, mothers of small children especially.

What the customers are saying

One mother said this, ”After 8 months of daily use, our bag still looks new! We have it packed full but have had no issues with rips or tears. I’m very impressed with the seams as well as the fabric.” when it comes to diapers bags the mom’s know their stuff.

Another mother found the bag had so much space; ”I have 2 kids (1 month and 2.5 yo) and it fits everything I need. I PROMISE!! This thing is like the go-go gadget of diaper bags. Even has pockets for us Moms.”

Why we like it

Things we didn’t like

Our Verdict

First off you can’t beat a lifetime warranty which is what comes with this bag and when you add the low cost it’s a no-brainer. Mother’s especially want a diaper bag that won’t cause them a hassle when going out for walks, grocery stores or anywhere else. Bag Nation is truly an all-around bag for anyone really.

Editor’s Rating

3. Diaper Bag Backpack, upsimples

great value
Diaper Bag Backpack, upsimples

Upsimples has created a delightful and chic option for the modern parent who wants to look their best yet stay organized with everything to hand. Their backpack diaper bag is made to a chic minimalist design that highs lots of storage space and practical compartments you need when traveling with a baby or young child. Alongside roomy sections for changing items bottles and diapers is a secret compartment that can be used to connect the device of your choice via USB to your power bank, meaning you are fully set for communication wherever you go. In addition, handy clips mean you can readily hang the backpack off your stroller for extra utility.

This cool multi-compartment diaper bag belies its use with its clean and simple design and contemporary textured colorways that will work for both men and women. The price point is accessible and with 25L of space available, it provides outstanding value. This stylish bag makes a great selection for the smart urban mom or dad who is organized and digitally connected. Even if you are just that little bit sloppy after a busy night with baby, the handy compartments and compact design will help you and baby look the part when you are out and about town.

Upsimple’s backpack is carrying high user ratings and reviews online. Moms and dads praise the roominess of this bag, it waterproofing and generous room for stashing bottles. The generously filled shoulder pads make carrying the back easy on a parent who may be toting one or a few children on a busy day. Savvy shoppers love the fabrication quality and note that the backpack feels durable.

Why we like it

Things we didn’t like

Our Verdict

This attractive diaper bag as all the ingredients of a runaway success for the modern parent. It is so versatile and practical that it would make a great and well-loved gift for a mom or dad. We hope the little details like the zippers and USB point last long enough to use this bag fully for more than one child!

Editor’s Rating

4. Diaper Bag Backpack, RUVALINO

Diaper Bag Backpack, RUVALINO

The Ruvalino diaper bag backpack is a modern travel backpack perfect for moms looking for a complete, all-in-one product for their baby needs.

The Ruvalino diaper bag backpack comes with all the features that mothers need in order to safely and quickly change diaper bags. It has a baby diaper organizer, 6 interior pockets, easy access mommy pocket, insulated bottle pockets, easy grab handlers and even a ring for the stroller.

What Makes this Product Stand out?

This stylish product stands out due to its innovative design, waterproof feature and multiple pockets & compartments. It has a lot of storage space, it is designed for all types of diaper bags, is super lightweight and comes with a bonus waterproof changing pad.

Despite its size of 11.8 x 7.9 x 16.5 inches, this product is quite lightweight and looks very fancy and elegant. The material is thick and strong, so it withstands wear & tear and holds extremely well in time.

The Ruvalino diaper bag backpack comes at a great value for money and is perfect for both moms and dads, because of its unisex style.

Top Features

  • Comes with numerous pockets, compartments
  • Large size, yet very compact
  • Features insulated bottle pockets that can hold any type of wide neck baby bottle
  • Can be used as a backpack, handbag or can be hanged on the stroller
  • Made of durable polyester fabric, which is much stronger than polyester fabric
  • Includes a padded laptop pocket
  • Thick padded shoulder strap for improved comfort when carried

What Customers are Saying

Let’s look at a couple of reviews from happy moms who have bought this product:

“I searched for thousands of diaper bag backpacks as we were expecting our first baby, and I found exactly what I needed. This modern backpack has everything I need, including thick shoulder straps, lots of pockets, laptop pocket and even an extra a waterproof changing pad”.

“Wow. This is the first diaper baby backpack that I can zip and unzip with one hand. My job is so much easier now. Thank you Ruvalino!”

Why we like it

Things we didn’t like

Our Verdict

This modern diaper bag backpack comes in a wide range of colors and can make an excellent choice for moms and dads who need a lot of space for their baby items. This is a product that comes at a great value and offers tons of features, so do not be hesitant to give it a try.

Editor’s Rating

5. Diaper Bag Backpack,Mancro

Diaper Bag Backpack,Mancro

The Mancro diaper backpack is sleek, stylish, versatile, compact and high quality. What makes the Mancro standout from the rest is the high quality, the large capacity and the very modern look. This bag is a definite game changer with two identical insulated side pockets on either side of the bag to keep those bottles warm. With the dimensions of 11.8×7.1×16.5 inches its big enough to fit all your baby stuff and a 15 inch laptop. What’s more incredible is the low price tag the Mancro comes with, you’ll definitely be getting your moneys worth.

Some more amazing features of this Backpack include:

  • Cushioned handle for a more comfortable experience
  • Comes with a 15×24 inch changing pad and 2 stroller straps
  • A great unisex design and colour for virtually anyone.
  • Very lightweight and was constructed with waterproof material.
  • This bag comes with a number of pockets which is great to compartmentalize the diapers, food, clothes etc.
  • Cleaning is a breeze

What are the customers are saying?

It’s hard to argue with happy customers like this one, Excellent product! Perfect for newborn babies. It keeps milk protected on side pockets, has plenty of space for everything needed….”

This customer was very pleased with the amount of space and the design, For the size, I can fit everything I need for my 18 month old toddler and the stylish design got me a ton of compliments! I’ve been recommending it to all my friends and family and everyone else that has kids!”

Why we like it

Things we didn’t like

Our Verdict

The Mancro diaper backpack is an excellent bag. It provides style and functionality all at once. There aren’t many diapers bag backpacks like this. The Mancro is certainly one to have.

Editor’s Rating

6. Baby Diaper Bag Backpack, Wmtlife

Baby Diaper Bag Backpack, Wmtlife

The diaper bag backpack from WMTLife is a modern, chic backpack that acts both as a diaper bag and as a fashion item. Because it is handmade and can be ordered in a wide range of colors and designs, you can purchase this bag to complement your own style. Best of all, you can buy it whether you are a mom or a dad, because it is a unisex product.

What makes this diaper bag stand out from other similar products is its durable, premium quality build, eco-friendly material and 30-day money-back guarantee. The WMTLife diaper bag backpack is totally worth its price, as it offers premium features and it is built to last a lifetime. You can use it for more children and even as a fashion backpack and expect it to hold for several years.

However, its dimensions, which are 10.6 x 8.2 x 16.5 inches, make this product fall into the category of small diaper bag backpacks. You will not be able to fit a lot of products in it, except for diapers, baby clothes, milk bottles, and some toys.

Main Features/Benefits

The WMTLife diaper bag backpack has the following features:

  • Made from eco-friendly, durable materials
  • Strong gold-toned zippers that were tested to withstand 50,000 uses
  • Made from eco-friendly oxford cloth, with no toxic compounds whatsoever
  • Passed the SGS environmental protection test and is waterproof
  • Can be used as a backpack, hanged on the stroller or simply carried around as a handbag
  • It is a unisex product that can be worn by both moms and dads
  • Can be used as a fashion bag at the mall, when traveling or when shopping at the store

Customer Reviews

Let’s see what some women who bought this product had to say:

“Simply exceptional backpack. I hang it on my stroller and carry it with me always. Because of the pretty large size, I can even fit in some items from the mall.”

“I just love the zippers and the eco-friendly, leather logo. This diaper bag backpack from WMTLife is the most high-quality diaper bag I’ve ever used, and best of all my husband can wear it too because it is unisex.”

Why we like it

Things we didn’t like

Our Verdict

The WMTLife diaper bag backpack is undoubtedly a great product that can last pretty much all your life. Leverage its key features, such as the high-quality leather logo, premium Gold-toned zippers, double insulated pockets, and eco-friendly, waterproof material and use it to meet all the needs of your baby and even your own shopping needs.

Editor’s Rating

7. HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack

HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack

HaloVa proudly presents all moms and everyone else style and quality together in one bag!

A durable large capacity backpack designed for carrying your child’s nappies, it can also be used for various other purposes. Kudos to its excellent design!

This bag has multitude of pockets to easily stock all the essentials for your baby. Caring for babies can turn messy. This bag can help you in systematically carrying and organizing all your needed stuff, especially while travelling. It has a large capacity and is available in various attractive colours.

Mommy and Baby will love this bag dearly! Thanks to its impressive features such as:

  • Insulated feeding bottle pockets along with anti-theft pockets
  • Separate wet clothes pocket and Tissue pockets
  • Large Mouth opening
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Snap lock Strap structure
  • Easy to clean interior lining
  • 90 days money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty
  • Size: 10.6X8.3X16.5 inches

What customers are saying?

Mamas have showered some great reviews on this bag. ”I love this backpack. It is by far, the best diaper backpack I’ve purchased, ” said one mother.

It proves to be a great travel assistant for all moms and their tiny munchkins. ”it holds all my kids things and is very durable. I don’t worry about anything falling out of place or things being thrown around in the bag while I carry it.”

Why we like it

Things we didn’t like

Our Verdict

The HaloVa diaper bag is one of the highest quality in the market to date. The features they offer are highly convenient for example, the bag is waterproof. This alone isn’t the reason why this bag is very popular amongst everyone including travellers and parents. The capacity of this bag another big standout, the HaloVa makes it possible to carry everything in one place and for an added bonus it’s also a backpack.

Editor’s Rating

8. Diaper Bag Backpack for Baby Care, Sable

Diaper Bag Backpack for Baby Care, Sable

This is a diaper bag that allows parents to have everything that their baby needs! Whether it’s an emergency or just standard care, you’ll be able to fit everything that you need into this versatile bag. It comes equipped with a total of 11 different pockets that can be used to hold all the baby supplies you require. From diapers to changes of clothing to tissues and milk bottles, users can easily access whatever they need.

What makes this product stand out from the rest?

This is a backpack that is easy to carry and travel with. You’ll have no trouble locating what you need thanks to a great design from Sable. It is insulated and waterproof, with warm and cool compartments that allow you to bring milk with you in bottles wherever you go.

The Sable Diaper Bag Backpack is affordable and comes at a great price. It has everything that parents require out of a bag for their baby. The size is average, making it not too large or too small to be functional.

Main Features

The main features of this bag are its eleven functional pockets, three ways to carry, insulation, and compartments that can keep milk warm or cool, this bag can handle all of the supplies that you need on hand for your baby.

This bag is best for new parents who want an easy and convenient way to tote around all of the supplies that they are going to need while with their baby on the go.

Customer Reviews

“J” writes that they’ve ‘finally found’ the perfect convertible small diaper bag, saying that they’re glad that they give this product a try. They say it is well made and minimalist’ approved.

“Julie” also loved this product. She notes that she prefers the backpack to the messenger bag and so far is ‘loving it’. She likes that it leaves her hands free and it isn’t a heavy carry, adding that it’s well-organized on the interior and she likes the outside pockets.

“Valerie” enjoys this bag to the point of using the word ‘love’! She says that it’s cute, comfortable to wear, and she likes that she can fit a lot of things inside.

Why we like it

Things we didn’t like

Our Verdict

At the end of the day, this is a decent diaper bag option at an affordable price. If you’re more about having a bag for here and now and not worrying that it’ll last five years and want the features offered, it’s a stylish bag that will get you where you want to go with the proper supplies you need.

Editor’s Rating

9. Wide Open Designed Baby Diaper Bag, Ticent

Wide Open Designed Baby Diaper Bag, Ticent

This sleek and functional tote bag that doubles as a backpack for the on the go parents. It provides ample space for all your child’s or quite frankly your needs. Whether it may be the 12 available pockets or large capacity; The Ticent may just be your forever bag.

Some big standouts for this bag include:

  • An astronomical amount of pockets (12)
  • 2-way carrying ways including tote and backpack
  • Easy to clean
  • A very wide opening
  • The incredible size 10.6″ x 8.3″ x 16.5″
  • Insulated bottle warmer

The Ticent is a low priced diaper bag compared to its competitors. With all the number of features that you get with the Ticent, it’s definitely worth the value.

For the on go parents that are looking for convenience and style this bag is perfect for them. Having the option of the backpack for most parents is a big plus because their hands are free to do other things. The large capacity is also another standout feature for the obvious reason that Children come with a lot of baggage. You need all the possible space to store food, Diapers, clothes, bottles, toys also some of your personal items.

What are the customers saying?

Overwhelmingly the reviews for the Ticent are positive and a number of people highlighting the quality and it’s capacity;

 I put so much stuff in here, it holds and organizes everything. I am so pleased with the quality of the bag.” this reviewer praised the bag.

This mother had this to say ”Really pretty! Love that it sits upright.”

Why we like it

Things we didn’t like

Our Verdict

Finding the perfect diaper bag is near impossible but, the Ticent diaper bag has so much going for it that we had to give it an A+ rating. It’s large yet sleek frame offers space and style. The high quality provides durability and is also easy to clean. Whether you’re a parent, student, traveller or young professional this bag is for you.

Editor’s Rating

10. Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack

The Skip Hop Diaper Bag is a tidy addition to any new mother’s wardrobe with its roomy and practical features and cute floral embroidered design. Fathers can enjoy a more sedate grey or black chevron quilted design if the flowers are too much.

This diaper backpack will keep all of your little one’s necessities in order with its straightforward compartments, elasticated bottle pockets, and two handy packing cubes.

Main Features

Thoughtful features are the making of this bag.

The anterior front zipped panel provides all the storages necessary for wallet, phone, and adult essentials, while the roomy interior provides adequate storage for nappies and a change or two of clothing for an overnight stay. An ingenious changing mat also does double duty as a laptop bag.

It’s fun and feminine design clearly makes this a fine choice for a new mom who is looking forward to lots of adventures with their little one. The backpack design means that hands are free and even dad can take his tech with him on the go.

The pricing of this bag is competitive as it appears to be robust and of good capacity. The additional storage cubes and changing mat save on the costs of procuring them for the bag.

Customer Reviews

This large capacity baby bag has had a great reception from online purchasers who have reviewed it positively for its roominess and style. However, some reviewers were not pleased with the fabrication of the back and would have liked better padding on the shoulder straps. Some parents would have liked to have seen more interior pockets. Skip Hop is a popular brand with parents and its clear this design ticks a lot of boxes for day to day use.

Why we like it

Things we didn’t like

Our Verdict

This is a great mid-range diaper bag from a popular brand that holds a lot of baby gear yet can be carried comfortably on the back. If you are a fan of the more streamlined and minimalist designs, this bag is probably not for you but it holds up as a great all-rounder for new parents on the go.

Editor’s Rating

Valuable Suggestions to Find the Best Diaper Bag

Whenever there’s a matter related to shopping for any product related to your baby your anxiety level spikes up. You want everything that you buy to suit your child’s needs in the best possible way. Which means doing a sufficient amount of research, asking many questions and talking to people; it’s never an easy task.

THE DIAPER BAG Q&A session: Answers to All essential Diaper Bag Queries

1) Why do you need a diaper bag?

Catering to your baby’s needs is never a cakewalk, especially when you have to leave your home. You have to always carry tons of stuff. Systematically organizing all these needful items and to be able to find them at the right moment is what we all want. Diaper bags are made for keeping this purpose in mind. They are designed with spaces to keep all the stuff orderly.

2) What type of diaper bags are currently available in the market?

Let’s begin with a glimpse of the types of diaper bags available in the market.

In recent years, several innovative designs have been introduced in the diaper bag industry.

It looks like a conventional backpack with many pockets. It helps you to carry a multitude of baby things easily. This bag evenly distributes the weight over your shoulder, and you can easily carry this bag along with a baby in your arms.

Messenger style diaper bags
The messenger or sling-style bag comes with a single strap and can be held across your chest or on your shoulder. They also come in designs ideal for the baby’s Father. So even they can use it during their day out with the baby.

Shoulder or Tote bags
It looks like your regular handbag with some additional pockets and space. They even come with detachable straps where you can convert it to a backpack. Sounds cool, right?

Hobo or mini bags
For all the Fashionista Moms, the Hobo style diaper bags are also available, which are usually small and carry a few of the crucial items for your baby’s needs. They are best for a quick getaway from home.

Diaper Changing Clutch

The latest product for new parents is the diaper changing clutch.  They are lightweight bags that have storage pockets for diapering essentials. In this article we list the most popular diaper changing clutches chosen by parents worldwide. 

3) What are the different types of fabric choices available?

Another important consideration is the material used in making the diaper bag. There are Nylon bags, Glazed and Coated bags, Canvas bags, and Leather bags. You can choose the suitable bag as per your budget and travel needs.

4) What are the attributes of an excellent diaper bag?

When you consider buying a diaper bag, you need to ensure it possesses the following features:

Easy to clean

Handling babies is a nasty task. Your bag will get dirty many times. You need to find a bag which is simple to clean


The essential thing for a diaper bag is to have numerous pockets. Specifically designed pockets for diapers, feeding bottles, wipes, toys, etc., are important.

Phone and Tablet space

You need to understand that the bag is not just for your baby but also for you. You can’t always carry another bag for your own stuff. The bag must have pockets for your phone and tablet when needed.

Spacious and Durable

You must lookout for a sturdy bag with enough space for accommodating all the things your baby needs. Don’t forget the need to keep a changing pad.

5) What are the average size and weight of a Diaper bag?​

These are important aspects as you need to store a large amount of stuff and do not want the bag to feel very bulky and clumsy. Take into account the internal space as well as the size of pockets. Also, note the weight of the material used for the bag. You need to feel comfortable while carrying the bag with your baby. Always try on different styles and sizes to select the perfect fit for you. The bag itself should not weigh more than 3 pounds.

6) Are Diaper bags machine washable?

Well, in most scenarios the answer is a no. It also depends on the nature of fabric of the diaper bag. You obviously can’t machine wash a leather diaper bag, right? Haha!

It’s best to simply hand wash it using some detergent soap and water, or wipe it with a clean damp cloth. Most diaper bag companies don’t recommend machine wash as it may lead to wearing out of your bag. However, if you have a canvas bag it may not cause any harm to wash it in your washing machine once in a while. It’s advisable to carefully read the washing instructions provided by your diaper bag company to ensure longevity.

7) What is the best way to make the most out of your diaper bag?

When you invest in buying a nice diaper bag, you want to reap all the benefits in the best possible way. It’s always best to be prepared beforehand. Always keep your bag stocked up for all essential items so that you don’t forget anything in a hurry.

You should have two or more types of diaper bags depending on the duration of your outing or trips, a smaller bag for a quick outing, and a bigger one when you go out for a long trip.

After reading this article, we hope you’ve got a great deal of information about buying a good diaper bag. Are you ready to get the Ideal diaper bag for your baby?

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